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Specialists in Finishing Solutions and Maintenance of Casting Materials
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Complete Engineering of Your Project: we take care of your project from the study to the design, the purchase and manufacture of equipment, construction, installation commissioning at your site, as well as the performance of services by our specialized teams.

We Develop Unique Solutions

Solution specialists in finishing and maintenance of casting materials, we study, design, and implement the entire operation and equipment.

We Design the Equipment and Carry Out the Work

We manufacture the equipment, we carry out the work, and we deploy and install the equipment. We take action from the construction of infrastructures for implementation to the commissioning of your industrial installation.

We Perform the Services

Our specialized teams will guarantee the execution of your services in response to your specifications.

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BUSINESS CASE - Electrode Preparation Before Remelting

Executive Summary:

Due to sales evolution of specific grades required to be developed by remelting, our customer decided to invest in remelting furnaces. CALIDER INDUSTRY was contacted to respond to the electrode preparation project (ingots intended for remelting).

About the Customer:

Aperam is a major actor in stainless steels, including electrical steels and nickel alloys. Aperam Alloys Imphy has been specializing in the production of FerNickel and FerCobalt alloys for more than 100 years.


In integrating the remelting activity, the challenge was the improvement of flows to obtain significant financial gains. Since this activity was previously subcontracted, it was necessary for CALIDER INDUSTRY to find economically attractive and technically viable solutions in view of the specificities and difficulties involved in cutting the relevant grades (in particular, the hardness of these).