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Turning – peeling of round bars

Turning - peeling of round bars

Bar peeling is a machining method that removes oxidised crusts, surface deformations, superficial cracks due to hot forging and achieves shape and surface form tolerances that allow you to move to the next step of non-destructive inspection of the internal health of the product.

CALIDER INDUSTRIE is positioned well beyond the traditional capabilities of dedicated peeling machines. Most stop at 350 mm in diameter. CALIDER INDUSTRIE manufactures large sections of bars, electrodes, ingots, billets…

Available turning capacities:

• Turning POREBA Ø930 lg 3000mm,
• Turning TOS Ø1000 lg 6000mm,
• Turning HEYLIGENSTAEDT Ø820 lg 7000mm,
• Turning SFAC Ø920 lg 9500mm.

The services are performed on all types of grades: Aluminium, Cast Iron, Steel, Inconel, Titanium…

The maximum weight of the parts to be turned is 16 tonnes (capacity between points of the largest turns).

Beyond the capacities that make the difference, CALIDER INDUSTRIE integrates a range of services under the same roof (sawing, inspection…) to give its customers significant gains in flow (shorter crossing time) with the aim of increasing economic performance.


A specific workshop is dedicated to peeling-machining titanium so as not to pollute the material being worked with other grades of materials.

All machining chips are delivered to the customer after machining directly from the chip conveyors at the machine’s output.


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